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    Order Errors


    If you receive an incorrect or distinctly flawed item it will be accepted for return at my expense or credit issued. If inventory allows, an exchange is always the first option, and will be entirely at my expense to get your correct order item(s) to you. A return label will be provided and once your return package begins tracking, I will gladly have your corrected order sent out. 

    Please be ready to provide photographic evidence to allow me to best remedy the situation if there is an issue with your order that requires a return, exchange, or replacement, including damage during transit. 

    If your fabric yardage is shorted by 1" or more, I will exchange your fabric cut (based on yardage availability) at my expense, or refund you for the value of the missing measure. 

    Due to circumstances of the fabric printing process, tiny flecks or white dots, are possible. Flaws, including holes, smudges, misprints, black marks, etc within the selvage edges are very likely. In the case of knit fabrics, due to their stretch, it is possible to see up to 1" or so "misalignment" across a print row (meaning if laid out flat, there may be a slight curve of the print from the center to the edges. These issues and any tiny imperfections that can be covered by a US quarter will not be eligible for refund. I do my best to provide you with flaw free fabric, but some of these issues are extremely common, may not be able to be avoided, and will not be compensated for. 

    Slight deviations in listed dimensions or apparel sizing concerns are not covered under this Order Error policy. Due to the nature of handmade goods, slight dimensional differences in my products may occur and will not be compensated for. 
    Human bodies come in all different shapes and sizes- my apparel items are designed to fit an estimated average of persons within a given size range and are not guaranteed to fit everyone. Fit issues will not be compensated for on general orders without specific size customizations to your needs. 

    I reserve the right to alter this policy at any time and all changes will be effective immediately. When making a new purchase, please review these terms to ensure your understanding of how I can assist you in the event of an issue with your order.